Our Mission

To fulfill the Great Commission by advancing the Gospel first in our own community, then to the rest of the world.


At NBF we believe that God’s word is a map for life. We believe that Jesus was God’s son, and that man can be reconciled to Him through the salvation that comes from believing in Him. We are committed to biblical study, fellowship, prayer, and the breaking of bread. We exist to reach the lost, to make the name of Jesus famous, and to serve our community as Jesus did.


Fellowship is a priority at NBF. We have a weekly meal together on Wednesday nights, and we open our doors to the community throughout the year to join us as we break bread together. We believe that the fellowship of believers is essential to growing the kingdom of God, and an necessary part of the Christian walk.


NBF is a Great Commission church. We take this commission very seriously, and it is a central part of everything we do. Our goal is to serve our community in a way that makes Jesus famous. Secondly, we are driven by the making of disciples both in our own community and across the globe.
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